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UK’s leading improv comedy trainer for businesses ready to transform the corporate culture in a brand new way [that works].

Transforming lives through coaching, comedy, and public speaking.

Suzi Payton: neurodivergent creative and multi-passionate trail blazer!

My mission is to help transform teams one laugh at a time through the joy of comedy improv – the inclusive way to get your team to build trust, work together and be happy!  

Some of the reasons why people leave a job is due to wanting to feel more valued at work and looking for a more positive workplace. 

Comedy improvisation helps with:

Team building (that lasts)

Trust and building relationships

Staff retention

In a nutshell: happier teams!

The transformational skills of comedy improv allow workers to express themselves in new and creative ways while finding a sense of belonging and connection. 

Reasons to include comedy in the workplace:


  • Combat uncertainty in the workplace by harnessing trust through collaborative improv skills. Improv only works if you trust yourself and your scene partner and truly work together.  You look good by making your partner look good, so competition is off the table in improv. 

  • Improv involves true collaboration and listening, both skills essential for effective teams.  The playing field is level, and you need each other to create and build a scene together whether you are a senior manager or in a junior role, you are equal in improv. 

  • Improv helps everyone get comfortable with discomfort.  Learn to trust your brain and know that the uncomfortable feelings do pass, and your brain WILL come up with the goods. Many people avoid and/or shut down feelings of discomfort which can lead to relationship breakdowns and loss of good staff. 

  • Improved trust and relationships = happy staff who want to stay!

Using comedy to create a culture of inclusion and belonging in the workplace shows that you are an innovative organisation who cares about their staff.  

Team meetings will feel open and accepting of ideas simply by applying the rules of improvisation which are ‘listen, accept (say yes) and commit’.  

People who are fearful to speak up will find a new found confidence to do so.  When employees feel heard, seen and listened to, they become even more motivated and will be loyal and stay! 

Comedy improv is fun, engaging, and suitable for all (even those who say ‘I am not funny or quick witted’).  It helps people to get into a relaxed and playful flow’ state where colleagues work together in a creative way to create scenes based on suggestions from the group.  

By being ‘in the moment’ nothing else matters and stress levels are reduced. Hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins are all produced.


By discovering the joy of improvisation, people grow in confidence, self-worth and the bond that is created is hugely powerful. 

Also available:

Improv for neurodivergent folk - harness the power of ADHD and autism to develop listening, creativity, imagination, fun and play!

Improv for confidence - speak up, stand out and be your unapologetic self. Learn to cope well when things don't go to plan!

Improv for public speaking - get control of those nerves and the pesky inner critic who tells you you will do it wrong, forget what to say etc. 

Meet Suzi

Hi, I'm Suzi, I am passionate about helping you discover strengths related to your unique and wonderful brain through the joy of improvised comedy! 

A winning combination of ADHD, autism, Tourette's and  OCD, I support businesses to help their employees thrive and not just survive.


I have learnt (through hard work, determination and a whole lot of trial and error) to embrace and work with my different way of doing and being. I am now in a position to help you do the same. 

With my education background, coaching and comedy skills I am able to offer a unique and empowering experience that will help you and your colleagues on a journey of discovery, fun and adventure.

To find out how I can help you/your organisation book a call here.

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I am so proud to announce that I have been named as one of the UK’s most inspirational and dynamic female entrepreneurs by the f:Entrepreneur ‘#ialso100’ campaign!

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What I specialise in

1:1 coaching - online, face to face or walk & talk

or a coaching & comedy combo!

Comedy improvisation workshops for innovation and teams

Neurodiversity training - autism, ADHD, Tourette's 

Speaker - my life with ADHD+

Empowerment group courses

Don't hide or mask any longer, be who you are meant to be...

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What is the key to happiness? This short article might have the answer...

Join me for fun, freedom and adventure...

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