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NeuroD TV - Adventures with ADHD

Interviews with ADHDers

Check out these short interviews with fabulous ADHDers for tips, humour and inspiration!

Episode 1 - Michelle

Meet Michelle Minnikin of Work Pirates who discusses how a chance encounter at the House of Lords led her to discover that she has ADHD!

We discuss why so many women are only just being diagnosed later in life.  Michelle talks of the outdated stereotypes surrounding ADHD and how girls can be missed.

Episode 2 - Helen

Episode 3 - Mani

Meet Mani, a talented DJ and barber who has recently been diagnosed with ADHD after years of struggles with anxiety, depression, OCD and a diagnosis of bipolar.

Mani talks honestly and openly about his story and has messages of positivity and hope that will help others who may be facing similar challenges.  

Episode 4 - James

Welcome to episode 4 where the fabulous James Eaves, a strengths coach and Work Pirate talks openly about his recent ADHD diagnosis.

Of his recent diagnosis, James says "I'm no different but now I can manage who I am and be more authentic".

Listen to James's unique insights into ADHD and how to make the most of the strengths that are part it.

Meet Helen Davies of Practical Wisdom a passionate and multi-talented ADHDer who has carved a career path that suits her ADHD! 
Helen shares her story and gives tips on how to live well with ADHD.

Episode 5 - Nikki


Welcome to episode 5 of Adventures with ADHD!

In this episode Nikki Butler talks about being self employed after a career in corporate law where she 'sold her soul to the devil' and "didn't understand boundaries"  so led her own "merry dance around the hierarchy".

Nikki is discovering who she really is underneath the mask where she has covered up her true self for her whole life.

She talks candidly and honestly about her journey and how she is on a mission to make the world a better place for neurodivergent folk.

Nikki is a Skin & Scar Specialist, based in Alton, Hampshire.

She has recently been diagnosed as autistic and having inattentive ADHD, and is on a mission to celebrate the awesomeness that being neurodiverse brings!

Find out more about her life as a self-employed business owner, and what she does, by visiting

Episode 6 - Stuart

Episode 6 features the fabulous Stuart, a self-taught software engineer from the Midlands.

Stuart has recently been diagnosed with ADHD and realised he might have it when his son was diagnosed.  

He is pleased he now has answers for his struggles and a name to explain what makes his brain different.  

He is positive for the future and says "some people consider a label an negative thing, I find it helpful and empowering".

Episode 7 - Shelley

Episode 7 features Shelley, an ex-teacher as well as the mum of a neurodivergent teenager and has recently discovered she is an ADHDer herself.

Her training did not give her any real understanding of neurodivergence, so it has been a steep learning curve, but one which has been life changing in so many positive ways.

She now helps other parents to create more connection with their ND young people.

Find out more about Shelley at Complex Connections

Episode 8 - Carol May

Welcome to episode 8 where Carol May - The Disruptive Health Coach shares her experience and wisdom of ways to think about and manage ADHD.


Carol discusses:

● natural alternatives to medication, using high dose EPS fish Oil from Krill.

● how ADHD is not her Identity., but does give strengths super powers

● how saying NO to difficult tasks helps her manage overwhelm

● her learning journey & acceptance

● how no two people with adhd are the same

● for newly diagnosed folk to give it time, realise it's not an illness, allow the diagnosis to settle, allow it and accept it.

Episode 9 - Suzi Payton

My good friend Polly Parton took time out from her busy music schedule in Nashville to interview me for this episode of Adventures with ADHD.


Find out how my impulsivity led me to take part in an embarrassing world record attempt on live TV!


We discuss practical tips for coping with working memory issues as well as mindset tips for accepting who you are and playing to your strengths.


Oh and see me getting irritated when Polly keeps calling me the wrong name!

Episode 10- Janna Willoughby-Lohr

Meet wonderful ADHDer Janna Willoughby-Lohr, an artist, poet, musician and entrepreneur based in Buffalo, NY, USA.


Janna's energy and enthusiasm is infectious and her passion for her job and family shines through in this interview.


Janna discusses how ADHD affects her as a mum, how she uses a 5 minute practice that helps her plan her week and how "You have to be your own biggest fan out in the world, if you don't care no one will care".


There are so many words of wisdom and inspiration from Janna, it really is a must see interview.

Episode 11- Ems Rae Searle

" I was scrolling through Tik Tok and I thought mmm that sounds like me, maybe there is something here, maybe I'm not just quirky, maybe there is something I have struggled with my whole life"?


This week features the fabulous Ems Rae Searle, an Ethical Marketing Strategist (also read: Wizard) who has recently been diagnosed with ADHD.


Since her diagnosis, Ems is learning to be 'less harsh' with herself and 'more willing to accept help'.


Ems shares so many top tips for managing her ADHD as well as offers hope and inspiration to others who are waiting for assessment, or have recently been diagnosed.


Find out what happened when Ems took medication for the first time - it's not what you might think!

Comedy improv special!

Welcome to this comedy improv special where the ultra brave Nikki Butler let's me teach her the skills of improv and before long we are creating short, silly scenes 'in the moment' with no pre-planning whatsoever!


Nikki, a recently diagnosed autistic ADHDer felt liberated by not having to plan and prepare what to say - she trusted herself and guess what happened? She nailed it!


Here's what Nikki said about her very first improv experience; "even just that short bit of doing some improv, I can see how it would be hugely beneficial for neurodivergent people because your brains working in a different way. It can give you the confidence to know how your brain can work and the power of it in different environments will create more kind of fun and freedom. I think that's really powerful. I loved it."


This was part of a coaching & comedy combo session which is available to you if you would like to move forward in your life, build new habits and be confident while doing so.


This really is a unique combination that will literally transform your very being and your life!

If you would like to discuss the possibilities of coaching & improv then do book a call.

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