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New YouTube series

NeuroD TV - Adventures with ADHD

Check out these short interviews with fabulous ADHDers for tips, humour and inspiration!

Episode 1

Meet Michelle Minnikin of Work Pirates who discusses how a chance encounter at the House of Lords led her to discover that she has ADHD!

We discuss why so many women are only just being diagnosed later in life.  Michelle talks of the outdated stereotypes surrounding ADHD and how girls can be missed.

Episode 2

Meet Helen Davies of Practical Wisdom a passionate and multi-talented ADHDer who has carved a career path that suits her ADHD! 
Helen shares her story and gives tips on how to live well with ADHD.

Episode 3

Meet Mani, a talented DJ and barber who has recently been diagnosed with ADHD after years of struggles with anxiety, depression, OCD and a diagnosis of bipolar.

Mani talks honestly and openly about his story and has messages of positivity and hope that will help others who may be facing similar challenges.  

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