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'Creative Freedom'
coaching & comedy course

for fabulous neurodivergent folk (diagnosed, self-diagnosed or if you suspect you might be - all welcome)  

A unique 6 week online group experience for you to unleash your creativity, nourish your soul and to celebrate YOU! 

Join me on a group journey of discovery and transformation where you will be supported to follow your path, desires and your truth.

Set goals that your heart says 'yes' to

Be the person 'you' want to be


Start to communicate your needs more and express yourself confidently

Learn to trust yourself 

Experience the utter thrill and joy of comedy improvisation techniques in a safe, supportive and structured environment

Learn to be 'ok with not knowing what is coming next'

Stretch your comfort zone at a pace that is right for you

Build the confidence to say 'yes' when it suits you and 'no' when it doesn't

Speak up, be heard and feel ok about setting boundaries

Break free from self-doubt, of fear or failure and criticism

Own and celebrate your quirks and unique way of experiencing the world








What is involved?

6 x Wednesday evenings packed with a blend of activities, group coaching and improvisation skills.  

Activities - to explore: values/beliefs/unhooking from criticism/unhooking from praise

Group coaching  -  set achievable goals, explore barriers, look at all options then choose small actions for the week

Improvisation skills - learn to work together to create short random scenes 'in the moment' based on suggestions within the group.  Previous suggestions include:

- hairdressers on Mars

- biscuit factory

- photoshoot by the pyramids

- working at a park with real dinosaurs

There is absolutely no requirement to 'be a funny person' as the comedy is created naturally when you respond to each other.  Your brain will take you to places that will surprise even you!

Believe me, improv works best when people don't 'try' to be funny!  



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Finer details:

Only 10 places on the course - early booking advised


Wednesdays 7 - 9pm (plenty of breaks)

November 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th

December 1st, 8th

Via Zoom


Only £497


Private Facebook group for connection and support

2 x 1:1 30 minute booster coaching sessions with me

Want in on this unique, one of a kind creative adventure?  Contact me asap via the form below or at to discuss your needs.