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Free coaching & comedy session: Monday 11th Oct 7-8pm

Want to try the amazing coaching and comedy combo?

Then do join me on Monday evening in Zoom where you will spend up to an hour setting a goal, exploring how it will impact and benefit you, identifying any barriers and ways to overcome then decide a mini action plan for the next week.

Through careful questioning I will support you to break your goal down and decide on the first step.  This will be your focus for the week.  This way, you will not be overwhelmed, you will be excited at the possibility of achieving your small, realistic and achievable actions.  

Your focus can be anything that is important to you.  Areas of focus often include:

Health                                                    Self-esteem

Well being                                              Overcoming sensitivity to feedback/criticism

Getting organised                                  Reducing overwhelm           

Overcoming procrastination                  Getting started on something you are putting off

Learning/professional development       Being on time

Confidence                                            Boundary setting

After the group coaching session you are welcome to stay and try out some basic comedy improv techniques and create short made up scenes with no pre planning.  This is your chance to say whatever comes to mind and just react/respond to what others say.  It is so much fun and much easier than you think. 


If you are scared/nervous, please don't let this put you off.  It is natural to feel nervous and for your inner critic to say things like 'what if i's not funny', 'what if I say something stupid'.  First of all, this voice is part of your brain trying to keep you safe by not trying new things. 


It is just doing it's job but of course you are not unsafe, you are looking for a fun and exciting experience which will help you grow.  Try saying 'thank you brain for trying to keep me safe but I've got this'.

So, what are you waiting for?  Just pop your details in the form below and I will send you the link.

Oh, and there are only 8 places so book quick!

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