FREE 3-day 'Kick Your Butt' challenge!

Fed up with feeling like you are going round in circles and not getting anywhere? 


Ready to take action but don't know where to start?

Feel so overwhelmed by everyday tasks that you don’t have time to focus on the fun or important stuff?

Feel guilty all the time about everything?

You feel stuck and know something needs to change

Then my 3-day challenge is for you! 


Feeling in control and knowing what you want to do next!

Having time to do the fun stuff that nourishes your soul!

Feeling relaxed and content.

Moving forward in your life and building new habits that actually work for you!

During my 3-day challenge in a private Facebook group I will support you to:


  • identify what you want to work on first

  • identify your values, strengths and where you get your motivation from


  • identify ways to overcome barriers 

  • set a realistic and achievable goal and break it down into small steps – this will help with motivation, self-belief and will make it feel easy!

When? Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th August 

Where? Private Facebook group via Facebook live

What time? 11 - 11.30 am

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