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UK’s leading neurodiversity coach, trainer & public speaker for organisations ready to transform their culture in an inclusive way [that works].

Transforming the workplace for both neurodivergent and neurotypical employees through innovative and meaningful interactive training and public speaking.

As a neurodivergent creative and multi-passionate trail blazer, my mission is to help transform teams in a way that helps them to connect on a human level, work together and belong. 


  • Neurodivergent people feel more comfortable, accepted and confident so they THRIVE

  • Neurotypical people learn what Autism and ADHD is so that everyone works together well and is celebrated

  • Increased confidence around the language of neurodiversity/neurodivergence

  • DE&I strategies become truly embedded and inclusive.

With over 17 years of teaching experience with neurodivergent folk in mainstream and SEN schools




Lived autistic, ADHD, OCD and Tourette's experience (diagnosed 11 years ago)


11 years autism & ADHD training experience 




A qualified coach, I believe I am best placed to bring a unique perspective to your workplace that educates, informs and even entertains (10 years + stand up and improv comedy experience). 

iCrossing said "Loved Suzi - she made it so real and a light hearted and easy to understand, zero judgement and very open"

American Express said "I am now setting clear expectations as well as boundaries on what can be expected from me, what I need more time and help with, where I am struggling and how some things make me feel"

YMCA said "very helpful to discuss different issues and how to support - applying the theory"

A talented teacher, coach and workshop facilitator, I deliver meaningful neurodiversity training that has lasting impact.  


I work with organisations who want to support people with hidden disabilities and always encourage a strengths based approach which is balanced with an understanding of the challenges people face such as communication, sensory issues, how to support, undoing myths and stereotypes and what not to do/say. 


I have delivered successful autism and ADHD training to businesses such as American Express, iCrossing, YMCA, David Lloyd and collaborated with Albion in the community; Brighton and Hove FC's community charity to deliver disability awareness training.

People leave my training with a unique insight into the neurodivergent brain, increased understanding and with practical strategies that can be implemented straight away.

What I specialise in

1:1 coaching - online, face to face or walk & talk

or a coaching & comedy combo!

Comedy improvisation workshops for innovation and teams

Neurodiversity training - autism, ADHD, Tourette's 

Speaker - my life with ADHD+

Empowerment group courses

Don't hide or mask any longer, be who you are meant to be...

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