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Free monthly workshops

On 1st Wednesday of each month you are invited to take part in my series of free workshops to develop awareness, skills and techniques to overcome some of the challenges that ND folk face on a daily basis.

There will be fun, connection, laughter and learning among like minded folk. 

Each workshop will be meaningful, interactive and practical.  You will come away with practical tips and next steps to make a positive change - your way at your pace. 

Sad on Couch

Break free from RSD

Rejection sensitivity is a real issue for us neurodivergent folk.  We are highly sensitive and often our emotions feel so large and overwhelming that we feel crushed when we feel rejected or criticised.

Are you fed up with feeling criticised? Maybe you dread the words 'can we have a chat' from your manager or your partner?

Rejection can feel like a physical crushing in the chest or a punch in the guts can't it? 

Would you like to feel in control of your emotions?

Imagine being able to cope with criticism in a calm way and to confidently express your needs and feelings.

What difference would having some practical tools and strategies make when RSD strikes?

Do join me on Wednesday 6th July from 6 - 7pm on Zoom where you will come away with:

- increased awareness of RSD and how it affects you

- practical tips to help you when RSD strikes

- a mini plan of action to take you forward on your path of overcoming RSD 


Free pdf 'Top 10 Tips for coping with RSD' when you subscribe to my weekly newsletter which is filled with tips, advice and inspiration (unsubscribe at any time).

Get started & get stuff done!

The name says it all.  

A practical workshop to overcome that dastardly procrastination and get started on whatever it is you are putting off!

Wednesday 3rd August 6 - 6.30pm 

Happy Portrait

Boundaries - made easy

Boundaries are the key to all of our relationships, whether with others or ourselves.

Do you often say yes when you mean no?

Do you often put others before you?

Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed?

Lack of boundaries often equals overwhelm and burnout.

Come and learn practical steps to take to make a start with boundary setting and experience a richer and more peaceful life. 

Wednesday 7th September 6 -6.30pm on Zoom

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