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Brand new!

Kickstarter   package


Kickstarter package (online)

create lasting change in 4 weeks and just 6 steps

Fed up with feeling like you are going round in circles and not getting anywhere?

Feel so overwhelmed by everyday tasks that you don’t have time to focus on the fun or important stuff?

Feel guilty all the time about everything?

You feel stuck and know something needs to change.  You are just not sure what or where to start.


If yes then my brand new bespoke Kickstarter package is for you!  


You can make significant changes in just 4 weeks! 


Feeling in control and knowing what you want to do next!

Having time to do the fun stuff that nourishes your soul!

Feeling relaxed and content.

Moving forward in your life and building new habits that actually work for you!


Welcome to my brand-new Kickstarter 1:1 bespoke coaching programme:

Over the course of 4 weeks, I will:

Support you to identify what you want to work on first.

Support you to identify your values, strengths and where you get your motivation from.


Help you identify and overcome barriers.


A one hour coaching call to help you set a realistic and achievable goal and break it down into small steps – this will help with motivation, self-belief and will make it feel easy!

Check in with you to review progress halfway through the programme on a 30 minute coaching call

Support you over the 4 weeks via text/WhatsApp to celebrate progress and help overcome any issues/barriers.

Review your progress and make a plan going forward.


The 6 steps to success:

1.  Get in touch and have a chat with me to discuss your needs/wants.

2.  Receive starter pack via email – you complete the questions via whichever medium suits you; type, draw, video or voice record your answers.

3.  1 hour coaching session – set goal, explore what it means to you, tap into strengths and motivation, explore barriers, brainstorm your options, and make a plan together.  

4.  Weekly text/email check ins to celebrate success and overcome any challenges.

5.  30 minute mid programme coaching session to review progress and plan next two weeks

5.  End of week 4 – 30-minute session to review progress and make a plan going forward.

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Whole package value = £500

Only £250

Do get in touch now via the form below to discuss if this is the right package for you and then we can get started together! 

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