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Stressed? Overwhelmed? Burnt out? Don't know where to start?

Maybe you are:


  • Fed up with not being able to get organised

  • Frustrated because you feel like you never have enough time

  • Concerned that you are an imposter and not good enough

  • Worried about speaking up in meetings or in your personal life

  • Feeling that now is the time for you to achieve more balance and joy in your life 

If so then you are in the right place!


We can work together on a 1:1 basis to make changes that will start to change your life.  

Imagine having the energy to do the fun things that you miss doing. 


Imagine feeling organised, relaxed and having the time to do what is important. 


Imagine a new found confidence where you are able to speak up and be heard without worrying what others will think.  Where you will be able to express yourself confidently.

All of the above need a healthy dose of  self-confidence to implement and it is for this reason that I thoroughly recommend the brand new 'Comedy & Coaching Confidence Combo'!  A mash up of coaching towards your goals and 1:1 comedy improv skills that will literally sky rocket your confidence in ways you never imagined possible! 

This really is coaching with a difference - perfect for neurodivergent folk.  It is different, novel and no two sessions will be the same. 

And on top of all that, it is FUN!  

Imagine breaking free from self-doubt and overthinking through the medium of improv!

Improv helps you to let go of needing to know what will happen next, to practice flexibility of thinking and to be ok with changing direction. 

Wondering what 1:1 improv would look/sound/feel like?

Curious but nervous?

Well, wonder no more because the fabulous and brave Nikki Butler took part in a 1:1 coaching & improv session and the results were powerful! And hilarious!

Watch the video below to find out how Nikki found tricky words beginning with X and Z in the 'alphabet game' and conjured up an 'interesting' image when she used the term 'budgie smugglers'!

Here is the improv part of the session (coaching part will be available to watch soon).

Nikki stepped out of her comfort zone and let me teach her the skills of improv.


Before long we were creating short, silly scenes 'in the moment' with no pre-planning whatsoever!

Nikki, a recently diagnosed autistic ADHDer felt liberated by not having to plan and prepare what to say - she trusted herself and guess what happened? She nailed it!

Here's what Nikki said about her very first improv experience;


"Even just that short bit of doing some improv, I can see how it would be hugely beneficial for neurodivergent people because your brain is working in a different way"

"It can give you the confidence to know how your brain can work and the power of it in different environments will create more kind of fun and freedom"

"I think that's really powerful. I loved it."

If you want to skip the intro and warm up and get straight to the random comedy scenes then head to 8 mins.

This was part of a coaching & comedy combo session which is available to you if you would like to move forward in your life, build new habits and be confident while doing so.

This really is a unique combination that will literally transform your very being and your life!

If you would like to chat about this awesome combo then do get in touch via DM or book a call

The skills developed in improv are literally skills for a happy and connected life.  

Are you ready to accept yourself and your uniqueness?

To be your unapologetic self?

If you have tried various self-help books or coaches who just don't understand you and your unique way of thinking? Then it's time for a new approach.

I will support you to set your goals/intentions/habits.


You will learn about yourself and find out what does and does not work for you.


We will work together to define what you want, explore what you have already done and uncover your strengths that may be hidden or forgotten about. 


We will identify barriers and work out how to overcome them so that you can move forward and progress. 


I will gently support you to create a plan of action. 


This will be set by you and I will encourage you to think about what small steps you can realistically take over the next week to edge closer to your goals.  


I am highly empathic, will never judge you unfavourably and will trust in you and your ability to find your way. 


I will be by your side to support and guide you.  I have a unique character and skill set and will be 100% committed to you and your journey.

1:1 coaching packages:

  • 12 week 'freedom' package - for lasting change @ £1800.00

  • 12 week Comedy & Coaching Confidence Combo @ £1800.00

  • 6 week stand up comedy coaching package @ £900.00

If you are ready to take action and would like to find out more then please get in touch and we can arrange a free no obligation call. 

Book a call here

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Watch Nikki's 1:1 improv session here:

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