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Meet Suzi: A Pioneering Neurodiversity Speaker and Autism & ADHD Advocate Transforming Perspectives

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What people say:

"It's opened my eyes so much wider! Thank you"

YMCA project worker


"It has been incredibly helpful hearing about ADHD and your experiences, it has enhanced my knowledge and stimulated me to think in different ways"

iCrossing worker

"I've recently been diagnosed with ADHD myself and it has helped me with my own acceptance and understanding"

YMCA counsellor


"Very informative! Enjoyed all sharing and interactive tasks".

Oasis women's project worker

"One of the best trainings I have attended". YMCA project worker

"Brilliant content - well structured, very thought out and at a good pace" YMCA project worker

Are you seeking an engaging, insightful, and truly inspirational speaker for your next event?

Then look no further!


I'm Suzi Payton a renowned, dynamic neurodiversity expert and passionate autism & ADHD speaker. My voice that will resonate with your audience and elevate your conference or seminar.


With my unique blend of humour, authenticity, and profound insights into the world of neurodiversity and specifically neurodivergence, you will come away from the experience with knowledge, insights and strategies to support your neurodivergent colleagues and clients.

The Neurodiversity Speaker Sparking Change

With a rich tapestry of life experiences, my journey is not just professional; it's personal.


As a spirited individual thriving with ADHD, autism, Tourette's, and OCD, my narrative is a compelling testament to resilience and transformation.


By channelling my challenges into a powerful dialogue that disrupts conventional thinking, I captivate audiences, which hallmarks me as a sought-after neurodiversity speaker.  

As a beacon in neurodiversity, I channel my lived experiences, extensive travels, and myriad of adventures into my role as a Neurodiversity Speaker.


My unique approach intertwines real-life anecdotes with scientific insights, unravelling the neurodivergent spectrum's intricacies.


I stand as a bridge between divergent neurological worlds, illustrating the neurodiverse landscape for those on the outside looking in. 

By inviting the audience into my world, I help to demystify stereotypes surrounding ADHD, autism, and other neurotypes.


I bring dynamic energy to each presentation, crafting an environment where empathy and comprehensive understanding flourish.


With me, the conversation around neurodiversity and neurodivergence expands beyond mere acceptance and accelerates towards appreciation, understanding and celebration. 

Whether you are looking for neurodiversity speaker that covers all aspects of neurodiversity or have more specific requirements I can help.


I offer bespoke talks that focus on the specific’s aspects of Autism and ADHD and Tourette's. 

Autism Speaker – Raising Awareness and Understanding

Drawing on seventeen+ years of teaching and coaching plus 38 years of lived experience.

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As an autism speaker, I am dedicated to increasing awareness and understanding of autism in order to support autistic people to thrive. Through my talks, I aim to dispel myths, share insights into the experiences of autistic folks and highlight their unique strengths and contributions to society. 

Each session is bespoke however will include:

  • What autism is (and is not)

  • How every single autistic person is different and a one size fits all does not work

  • Autistic communication styles

  • How to nurture autistic folks using a strengths based approach

  • Passions and what they mean for autistic folks

  • Common misunderstandings and how to rectify

  • How to be more empathic towards autistic folks

  • How to support autistic folks in the workplace

  • Anxiety in autistic folks and how to help

  • Autism and change - how to manage well

ADHD Speaker – Educating and Inspiring

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My talks not only raise awareness about ADHD but also offer inspiration and strategies for individuals and communities to better support those with ADHD. 


All talks are bespoke however will include:

  • What ADHD is (and is not)

  • How every single ADHD person is different and a one size fits all does not work

  • ADHD and communication 

  • How to nurture ADHD folks using a strengths based approach

  • Passions and what they mean for ADHD folks

  • Common misunderstandings and how to rectify

  • How to be more empathic towards ADHD folks

  • How to support ADHD folks in the workplace

  • Anxiety in ADHD folks and how to help

  • Rejection sensitivity dysphoria (RSD) how it can present and how to help

A recent talk I gave to neurodivergent folks about RSD

Book me today 


Ready to inspire action among your team or community? My calendar fills up fast, so be sure to secure your date. Contact me now to book me for your next event and make a lasting impact on your audience. Embrace the opportunity to be part of a narrative that changes lives and leads the charge toward genuine inclusion and understanding. 


Accolades and Testimonials: Suzi isn't just acclaimed; she's validated by a multitude of testimonials and accolades, including recognition as one of the UK’s most inspirational entrepreneurs. Discover why countless individuals and organizations endorse Suzi's unmatched ability to educate, inspire, and transform. 

In the Press:


Explore features showcasing Suzi's journey, expertise, and impact.


Her story resonates, inspires, and advocates for neurodiversity, making waves in various media outlets. 

‘He’s shown you can still go on to achieve great things’: How Lewis Capaldi changed the face of Tourette’s: 

‘Improv comedy has been life-changing for my ADHD and autism – now I run a club to help others’ 

'Undiagnosed ADHD saw me spiral into £20K debt buying holidays and concert tickets' 

Let's Connect: Embark on a transformative journey. Contact me to discuss bookings, inquire about coaching, or learn how I can help make your next event a resounding success. Your pathway to understanding and embracing neurodiversity begins here 



Explore more of my services: 

In addition to my impactful work as a speaker, I offer a range of other services that cater to the needs of the neurodivergent community.


If you're looking for comprehensive training for your organization or team, please get in touch.


I deliver training that is designed to foster understanding and inclusivity in professional and educational settings.


For individuals seeking personalized support, ADHD Coaching services are tailored to help you navigate the challenges and harness the strengths associated with ADHD.


These sessions are invaluable for those looking to achieve personal or professional goals while embracing their neurodivergent identity.


I also hosts regular neurodiverse events that include Neurodiversity Comedy that blend humour with learning, providing a creative and enjoyable way to understand neurodiversity. They are perfect for those who appreciate a light-hearted approach to serious topics.


Each of my services is imbued with passion, expertise, and a deep commitment to empowering the neurodivergent community.  

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