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Comedy workshops

"Tonight, I conquered my fears and nerves. It’s taken me a lifetime to believe in myself, to have the confidence to do and be me." Michelle

Come and experience The Joy of Comedy Improvisation in these fun filled 2 hour workshops. 






The workshops are ideal for beginners, however, those with experience are welcome too.

Discover the freedom and power of improvisation in a brave, supportive and inclusive environment where fun, silliness and laughter is guaranteed!


Want to book an improv workshop for your team? Book a call now to discuss how amazing this will be.

Why improv?

Warning: improv is addictive!

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Having discovered improvisation around 10 years ago it has given me the opportunity to harness and hone my superpowers that are part of my unique neurodivergent brain.


It enabled me to be spontaneous, creative and impulsive within the safety of a structure that helped me feel safe and supported and can do the same for you.

I developed a confidence that I never knew possible and found I could cope with ‘not knowing’ what was coming next.

My everyday life was affected; I would ‘say yes’ more, listen more and commit more.


Having fun is one of my values and what could be more fun than creating comedic scenes ‘in the moment’ with no preplanning or practice needed.

Having delivered workshops to numerous adults and children, I have seen the joy and exhilaration that improv brings time and again.

How would you like to learn to create short comedy scenes 'in the moment' with a small group ( of like minded people?

You will be gently guided through the golden rules of improv and given the opportunity to build your skills at your own pace.

Within half an hour you will be improvising short scenes with others based on suggestions from the rest of the group.

'But what if I am not funny?'


Some people worry about this and the answer is simple.


You don't have to 'try' to be funny as the comedy is created naturally and organically 'in the moment' based on what you and your scene partner are saying to each other.

The fact that no one really knows what is going on makes it naturally funny. I guarantee it.

Be warned though because improv can have the following side effects:

- your confidence will grow

- you will experience the desire to have more fun in life

- make new friends

- increase your agile thinking abilities

- reduce your stress levels

- have more energy


Previous participants are saying:

"Omg this has been the best tonic for the last 5 weeks! I have had the best time". Jo

"This has to be the bravest thing I have done in my adult life - I’m such an idiot - but am pleased I’m an idiot! Idiot’s rock!!!! Thank you all!" Ivan

"Tonight , I conquered my fears and nerves and finally performed in a fantastic comedy show. It’s taken me a lifetime to believe in myself, to have the confidence to do and be me." Michelle

"I am so grateful for this opportunity, for the safe space, for never feeling like it’s a competition. Like, we just get to be ourselves and grow in that!" Amanda

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 Check out this blog post on the benefits of improv and how it can be life changing!

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